Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Family Fun - Convenient for Everyone!

Have Shears Will Travel! 

Tonight I had the pleasure of coming to the Tinsley's house and taking care of the entire family: two hair feathers for two girls, two foils, and one toddler cut!

Karina's new highlights and cut

I wanted to let you know how it works when the whole family gets services together: We rotate through whomever is processing (like during the foil), everyone had dinner and took turns for their service.  Once it's time for the kiddos to go to bed, I worked on mom so she could get her new cut and highlights!  By getting your hair done at the same time, it leaves extra time for the family members to have additional questions answered and ideas born.  It was a clean slate for the entire family all in one night.

Chaucer's new cut

Arica Kildea just did KarinaSaphyre and Chaucer's hair and they all look great. If you need your hair cut or colored make Arica your first call. She'll come to you and she's great company too.  - Jim Tinsley 

Added bonus:  I worked within their budget and time frame with on charge for the entire family.  It worked out great for everyone!

Hope this inspires some of you to include your family, making it easy to have one rate, one day for your services - ultimately maximizing your time and your dollar!

Working on Saphyre's "Christmas" Foil 
loved getting to hang out with Arica Kildea while she took care of Saphyre, Chaucer, and my hair today and put feathers in Olivia and Abby's hair! so great to not have to go anywhere for it and it all looks great! - Karina Tinsley

Have Shears, Will Travel.  
Arica Kildea 

Published with permission from the Tinsley Family 

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