Thursday, January 26, 2012

Winterize Your Skin Nordstrom *Specials for my clients

Hey Ladies -

I just called and got the skinny on this weekend's event for Winterize Your Skin Nordstrom Winter Event at Alderwood!

Natalie at Alderwood is offering a special for anyone who comes by and mentions that they saw this on my blog, fan page or personal fb page!  Wow!  Thanks Natalie! 

Here is the deal:

Spend $60 and you get: 
A sit down with a Makeup Artist (me - if you request me):  small prime time face, small/samples of the BE moisturizer and cleanser, small mineral veil and a small silver clutch - it's about 5x7 in size.  I have it and love it.

If you Spend $100 you get:
All of the above AND:
A gift from Nordstrom that has a ton of samples for you to try from most of  the lines in the department!  WOW!  That is amazing!  It comes with a cute green bag as well!  I have not seen it yet, but I do know that Nordstrom never leaves you pretty happy at all of these events!

I'll help you get things you NEED, that fit into your budget... and a few you may want - I'll teach you how to use your makeup and skin care and send you away a happy camper! 

Nordstrom Alderwood Bare Escentuals - 425.771.5755 - make sure you tell them you are booking through me and you'll get the extra goodies with your appointment or if you just need to stop by and pick some things up... she'll hook you up there as well!

Can't wait to see you all!


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