Thursday, February 2, 2012

Girl's Bang Trim at Home

One of the ways you can make your girl's cuts last longer is to do a bang trim yourself.  Don't waste a trip to the salon if you only need a bang trim - waste of your time and money.

I do them for free for my clients, but in case I am not in your area - try this at home:

Here is what you'll need:



Shears - whatever is sharpest around the house

When dealing with hair, one fundamental concept is to divide the hair to make it more manageable and so you will only have to deal with the hair you need to.

Separate the sides of the hair you don't consider part of her bangs and secure snugly with clips.

Take one level of her bangs and clip them up.

I am going to assume you are right handed from here forward.

Take the center portion of her bangs and hold them in your left hand.

Take your shears and "point cut" - do NOT cut a straight or horizontal line across her bangs when you are doing this at home. I find the rate of error to be high doing it that way.  Point cutting involves cutting directly into the line of the hair NOT straight across.  You will cut toward her hair line, alternating long and short snips.  It will break up the "straight across" bang that your child may currently be sporting.

Point cut until you have reached your desired length - this will create a soft look and is very forgiving.

Example of a softened bang that will be created (mostly the left side)  by point cutting

Go to your next section which will be the hair directly to your right.  Then proceed to the right.  Make sure both sides match up.

Next pull down the bangs that were secure on top.

Point cut starting with your left hand and the middle part of her hair.  Match it up with the hair underneath and then move right, then left.

Tussle her bangs a little and make sure they are all matched up - remember the look will be soft and is not intended to be a blunt line.

This is how you will get through to the next hair cut for your sweet one!

Send me some feedback about how this worked for you and let me know if you have any questions.

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