Friday, November 4, 2011

Makeup Forever Limited Edition Kit

If you are a makeup artist or just wanna act like one, this is the kit for you.   

It has everything you need to get a very basic start except for foundations and brushes. 

Sometimes you will see train kits like this for sale filled with a bunch of junk makeup, but this kit is all MAKEUP FOREVER product and pure excellence.  

Wild & Chic Collector Case ($616 Value)

Online Only - Limited Edition $330 

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What it is:
A limited-edition makeup kit piled high with MAKE UP FOR EVER's bestselling products, handpicked by Creator and Artistic Director Dany Sanz.

What it does:
Perfect for every occasion and look, this wild makeup case features a combination of MAKE UP FOR EVER's most iconic products and newest additions for the complexion, eyes, and lips. As a bonus, these must-haves come in a fashionable, faux snakeskin case.

This set contains:
- 0.84 oz Travel Mist & Fix
- 1.01 oz HD Microperfecting Primer
- 0.04 oz Lip Line Perfector
- 2 x 0.04 oz Aqua Lip in Red 8C (true red), Light Rosewood 14C (muted dusty rose)
- 2 x 0.04 oz Aqua Eyes in Blue With Green Highlights 12L (metallic teal blue), Mat Black 0L (black)
- 2 x 0.058 oz Aqua Liner in 8 Iridescent Electric Purple (bright purple sheen), 13 Mat Black (matte black)
- 2 x Faux Lash 156 Genevieve (natural black with dense outer corners), 113 Betsy (extreme criss-cross flairs with glitter strip)
- 2 x 0.23 oz Smoky Lash in Black, 6 (plum)
- 0.20 oz Brow Seal
- HD Kabuki Brush
- 0.40 oz HD Elixir
- 0.84 oz Travel Sens'Eyes
- 0.55 oz Uplight in 23 (pearly golden flesh)
- 2 x 0.21 oz Aqua Cream in 1 Anthracite (silvery charcoal shimmer), 13 Warm Beige (champagne shimmer)
- 0.09 oz Metal Powder in Honey Gold 3 (tannish gold shimmer)
- 0.09 oz Star Powder White/Orange 940 (iridescent golden pearl)
- 2 x 0.09 oz Diamond Shadow in Diamond Burgundy 311 (burnish mauve with copper shimmer), Diamond Beige 306 (peachy tan with gold shimmer)
- 2 x 0.12 oz Rouge Artist in 43 Moulin Rouge (satin vibrant red), 34 (satin light raspberry)
- 2 x 0.09 oz Lab Shine Diamond Collection - D16 (shimmering beige), Metal Collection - M10 (chrome morello cherry)
- 0.35 oz HD Microfinish Powder
- Double Pencil Sharpener

What else you need to know:
MAKE UP FOR EVER Creator and Artistic Director Dany Sanz has autographed 100 of these kits at random. Buy this amazing kit and you may end up as one of the lucky few who gets a signed one.
Sephora is the exclusive beauty retailer for this product.

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