Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This week's favorite makeup item: All Nighter

My friend introduced me to Urban Decay's All Nighter spray a few months ago and I think she was a little aghast that I: 1. had not heard of it and 2. had not used it!

So... I traveled to Sephora to get a good look at this "All Nighter".   I decided to try a mini size for $11, just to see for myself, before I splurged on the $30 for the regular size.

All Nighter is a facial spray that is to be applied at the end of your makeup application to ensure that your makeup will stay all day AND all night.  I questioned the thought of liquefying my makeup after it was set with bronzers, powders and mineral foundations.

The recommendation is 2-4 sprays to your face.  So, when I first used it I noticed that I had to be very strategic in how I sprayed and that my face squished up every time I sprayed!  My whole face got "wet" and then dried without any running or displacing the face of makeup I had created.  My face did not feel tight or any different than it had any other day.

Don't make a face when applying and I found that 2-3 strategically spaced sprays seemed to be plenty.

Between my facial primer (this goes on BEFORE you apply your makeup) and the All Nighter, my makeup stayed perfectly for my long day.

I recommend this product for anyone who has a long day ahead, who does not have time for a retouch (I typically only retouch my lip gloss), is really uptight about their makeup (yes that is me too), or lives in a warmer climate (hello Arizona in the summer).

You can purchase the full size here:

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