Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Free & Fun - Feathers

Yesterday I received a new batch of feathers - I now have the rainbow (literally) available to you!

Just a little fyi on these bad boys:  the new ones I got are the longer "grizzly" as they are called - so they can be customized to your hair length.  They are long and skinny.

I still have some of the wider feathers left in case you are interested in those: they kind of peak out and are not as subtle as the skinny long ones.

This is an example of the long skinny feathers

Glad you asked.  It takes 15 seconds to slide a copper and silicone tube into your hair shaft then gently clamp it with the feather.  You can take them out yourself with a small pliers - and I will show you how.

These are free with any service right now - I think it's fun to try something new and I want you to as well!


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