Monday, February 13, 2012

Arica's Top 5 Hair Products

You've been asking for it!  Here are the products I recommend over and over and over to my clients and use personally.  I do not use products or recommend products on you that I have not personally used myself.

Ready.  Set.  Go! 

It's a Ten Shine Spray *MUST HAVE* for shinny light weight hair!  Great for post flat ironing or before you go out for the day - this also spruces up any ponytail day you might be having!

It's a 10 Leave in product!  Conditions hair, preps hair for any flat ironing you may want to do, protects hair, builds keratin (one of your hair's primary components)!  Must have foundation for the first product you put in your hair!

KMS California Blow Dry Spray! Want your hair to dry quickly?  This is for you!  Put this on after all your products are set to go and before you start blow drying!

KMS California Hair Play - this touches up your ends.  Perfect before going out or on a "recycled hair day" - adds life to dry ends!

KMS California Hair Play MAKEOVER Spray.  This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wears their hair more than one or two days before shampooing.  You all know I have red hair aka hair that cannot be shampooed more than once a week.  This saves my life in  the hair department and allows me to go a full week without shampooing!

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