Monday, January 16, 2012

Long and the short of it - a little self reflection

I can now declare- I have long hair.  Per the definition of Gene Juarez Academy: Long hair is hair that touches and falls on the shoulders.  For the first time since childhood, I can put my hair into a braid and have it stay.  Despite over a year in beauty school, I still feel like this is a novelty I am constantly amazed about and am trying to figure out something new to do with it!  I love, love, love it!

I was at a client's house last week and her husband (who has known me a LONG time) looked at me and said, "So... how long are you going to have your hair like this?" - he was talking about my red hair.

"long" and red

For years and years and years and years... really all of my life - until a little over a year ago - I had short blonde hair.  That may surprise many of my lovely friends, but it is true.  I now have *what I consider* long bright red hair.  Lately I have had a hard time finding a picture of myself that looks like my "current self" (that's why the picture above doesn't necessarily "touch my shoulders")!
Short blonde... 
I don't feel like I even recognize myself. 

I feel like I am getting a better understanding of women's need to (or not) cut their hair, the feeling of "growing it out" and having success with it.  I think this is the longest I have ever gone with out a cut!  I used to go every 6 weeks * religiously*  - every 6 weeks... and I was very particular.  Now, I am still pretty particular, but would be happy with a "trim" and blow out!

Your perception about something like your own hair is so significant - inside I still feel like I am a short haired blonde!  I don't scare as easily when I look in the mirror, as I used to!  This gives me a greater appreciation for when I make a significant change to a client's hair - such as going from short to long, or brown to blonde... or red!  Well, whatever you are up to - with your hair - these days, enjoy it!  If your not enjoying, really enjoying your hair... let's change it!

*no teasing

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