Wednesday, January 4, 2012

A few thoughts on lipstick

First, let me say that I have a million different shades so I am never without lipstick or lip gloss, purely for the fact that I work in the industry and it is the first thing given away at a counter and I happen to be a beneficiary when events are over and there is extra product.  I also do a lot of Back to Mac - so I get to pick my shades for turning in my used up, or old mac products and brush cleaner bottles.  

She's got it all going on!  Great Red Lipstick

My number one thing about lipstick is taste.  If it tastes like Revlon or reminds you of grandma... either toss it or just don't buy it.  You probably won't end up using it and who wants to kiss stinky lips?

In your lip arsenal every woman should have:

  • A good red - either a blue based or orange based, depending on your skin's undertone
  • A soft pink
  • A brighter pink - your version of brighter pink will probably differ from mine, but you need a brighter pink than the soft pink
  • A nude 
  • A neutral - neither too pink, but a substantial color that has some pigment to it.
  • Neutral gloss that is not tacky - if it is... you won't wear it. 
Nude Lip with Gloss

Back to Rule No 1: No Taste

When buying lipstick at a makeup counter, never try on more than 2-3 colors at a time - I have found it distorts the actual color of the lipstick, despite the customer wanting to continue until she finds "the perfect shade." 
Rule No 2: No Taste - if your lipstick starts to smell... throw it out! 

Lipstick like paint:
Play around with the lipsticks - mix the bright pink with the soft pink... you get a medium pink.  Add a gloss over the red and you'll immediately soften it.  Wear a nude with a soft or soft pink gloss - it is a fresh look and you'll want to be kissed. I also find that when I mix colors they tend to stay on longer.

Gloss is an easy thing to stick in your purse that will always brighten up your face after a long day, despite what your makeup looks like.  Always keep one in your purse.

If you find a color you like... stock up.  This may seem odd coming from someone who gets to see the latest and greatest, but I will tell you... I found the PERFECT soft pink that I can mix with ANY lip color about 2 years back.  I found as many as I could find and bought them all... kinda crazy, but I brought them out one at a time and still use it every day and always get compliments.  They will also count toward my Back To MAC.

Back to Rule No 1: No Taste: the only time something on your lips should have a taste is if it involves food or bubble gum lip balm:) 

Happy lipsticking friends! 


  1. Do you have favorite lipstick brands you can recommend? I never know which ones to buy...

  2. When you come to lipstick, you also need to look at texture - some are naturally more glossy than others, while some are more dry. I really like Clinique - they *have no smell* and have a lot of natural, everyday colors, their gloss sucks. MAC - has no smell, has lots of different textures and TONS of colors. Bare Escentuals has a small range of lipsticks and they are alright - does not have a taste - their buxoms are really popular, however they taste horrible. I just got a sample of Jouer lipgloss in my last Birchbox and I really like that. Chanel smells.