Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thursday's brush recommendation

I bumped into this brush due to economic factors a couple of months ago.  I was desperate for a full coverage brush and found this lovely one: Everyday Minerals Bamboo Long Handled Kabuki Brush  It was a super good price, around 13 bucks and I didn't expect it to last long - just until I could afford one of the more expensive brushes I have become accustomed to.

It has lasted over six months of daily foundation application use.  It washes out nicely, applies bronzer, mineral makeup and copious amounts of blush really well.

A whole set of brushes for under 10 bucks!   
If you have PRIME - shipping is free at Amazon! 


Just in case you need it... here is some great brush cleaner:


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DIY: dry brushes with shamwow!

Upon a lapse in planning today, I happened to come across an new trick!  I feel a little geeky telling you about it, but you may thank me later...

I grabbed a Shamwow Super Absorbent Towels - 4 Large/4 Mini and used it to set my "mother load" aka pro brushes down on and guess what?  In no time it wicked away water from the brushes and the towel had more water than the brushes!  SCORE!

Try it next time you give those brushes a good shampoo and let me know what you think!


Julep Maven $1 Beauty Box today!

The Julep Maven Membership is one I reviewed a couple of months ago and I think it is worth reviewing again.

TODAY, they released a members only invitation for my friends, following the link below and entering the given code!  You can get your first box for only $1!  The box is beautiful and totally worth the buck to get delivered to your house - you can always pass it along as a gift to a girlfriend this spring if you are not into the colors!  

You can cancel it anytime, skip a month, or cancel all together, you also get points toward free boxes and product for any people you refer.  

This is high end nail polish and accessories, they are from Seattle and have a handful of nail salons in the area.  


Use my referral link and enter the code below.  

Use code: 

Girl Stubble

That's right.  I called it.  Girl Stubble.  I have seen this on and off while working counter and recently it has been so often that I've gotta call it out!

Ladies, if you happen to struggle with girly hair on your face... please wax.  This is what I use, when I don't go to the salon: Satin Smooth Waxing Starter Kit.  There are so many options available to you before you decide to SHAVE your chin, the sides of your face or down your neck.  

This is most likely a turn off to your man and is difficult to cover with makeup.

Here are some additional ideas for hair removal:

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quick way to spruce up crazy hair!

You all know I am a fan of recycled hair, so here is one way I can change it up with out looking too crazy!  Note: I also suffer from hair boredom - this helps to shake things up...  

Find a beautiful oversized hair piece - I stick a big flower in it!  I do a twist and stick a clip in it!  I backcomb and stick a headband on!

These are a must for any women's accessory wardrobe! 

I love Ms. Maude's collection of hair do-dad's, you can get them customized for you - elegant to casual in your style and colors.  She tends to gravitate toward romantic, old world and sometimes shabby chic style, but will customize for your elegant to casual and color preference.  

  I also have a piece I love to wear, but must wait for the appropriate occasion.  It is a heavy headband with a crystal piece that stretches 3x5 inches across the curve of my head.  It is beautiful so I am willing to pay the price for just a night! 

  Hope the suggestions help to spice up your hair life- twist, curl, pin, flower... when in doubt, keep them guessing.   

I love me some of this KMS Calilfornia Spray to add some grit so help you spice up your dull hair days! 

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday's girlfriend lunch

Here is today's girlfriend's guide!

Watch my video below! 

Start with Bare Escentuals Original Eye Primer:

Jump to Shadow: Bare Escentuals Bare Skin Shadow

Quickly go to: Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Liner - this is in black - will work for anyone!

Here is the Clinique Mascara High Lengths:

Finish off your look with: Stila Lipglaze - pack of 3 for only $12!  This is a great buy!

Have Fun!

Arica's Top 5 Hair Products

You've been asking for it!  Here are the products I recommend over and over and over to my clients and use personally.  I do not use products or recommend products on you that I have not personally used myself.

Ready.  Set.  Go! 

It's a Ten Shine Spray *MUST HAVE* for shinny light weight hair!  Great for post flat ironing or before you go out for the day - this also spruces up any ponytail day you might be having!

It's a 10 Leave in product!  Conditions hair, preps hair for any flat ironing you may want to do, protects hair, builds keratin (one of your hair's primary components)!  Must have foundation for the first product you put in your hair!

KMS California Blow Dry Spray! Want your hair to dry quickly?  This is for you!  Put this on after all your products are set to go and before you start blow drying!

KMS California Hair Play - this touches up your ends.  Perfect before going out or on a "recycled hair day" - adds life to dry ends!

KMS California Hair Play MAKEOVER Spray.  This is a MUST HAVE for anyone who wears their hair more than one or two days before shampooing.  You all know I have red hair aka hair that cannot be shampooed more than once a week.  This saves my life in  the hair department and allows me to go a full week without shampooing!