Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Julep Box - become a Maven

The Julep Box is another subscription box that I decided to try out for a few months.  It is a high end nail polish company that is based here in Seattle.  They are in all the major magazines and have several Julep Salons in the area.  Their big claim to fame is the "minus 3" aka they don't have the harmful chemicals like formaldehyde in them that many polishes have.

This is how my November box arrived

 Impressed so far?  I was at first sight!  You can order your first box through my referal code here: become a Julep Maven.

Opening my box
This box allows you to "be a beauty editor" and try out all the latest products and colors for the upcoming season that you couldn't just go buy at your local store.  Becoming a Maven (aka subscriber) allows you to be on the front lines of this type of fashion.  There are several questions they ask when you first subscribe and it lands you in a catagory that fits your colors, preferences and things that kind of describe your lifestyle.  What was I?  The "it girl" of course.

Contents of my November Box
I have now received two boxes from them.  The first box I was really impressed by - the way it was put together was amazing.  I love to receive specially designed gifts with lots of frufru involved and this fit the ticket.  The marketing is exceptional.

Close up of contents 
Contents of the box included 4 polishes and 3 skin brighteners! 

I originally heard about them on facebook through one of the side bar ads and thought I would give it a go - with a "fb" code - the code was literally "fb" - it made my first box only $6.  I can try almost anything for 6 bucks!  My referal code is: - get credit toward a free month if you subscribe using my code.

The regular price is about 22 bucks with tax and shipping.  I don't know how long I will stay a "Maven" - I took this month off because I want to catch up on using all those polishes and additional product, but will probably start again in January.

One of the great parts about this Maven subscription is that you can 1. skip months and 2. send your box to someone else - as a gift, etc.  This appealed to me as my spring months are full of birthdays and this would cover the wrapping and shipping and probably give the recipient something unexpected (cat is outta the bag family... sorry!  They don't read my blogs anyway, so I'm probably still safe)! 

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