Saturday, November 12, 2011

Hair Favorite: It's a 10 - Shine Spray

    For years, I was afraid of all of the shine serums and shine products I had come across because I have such fine hair - everything seemed to leave a grease spot in the middle of my head.  I was exposed to a few that left me convinced that my hair could support a shine product, but had not really found THE product for me, so kind of gave up on it for a while.  I am sure many of you can relate to that!   
    Last spring, I went to a large hair show.  They gave away full size products of the It's a 10 line.  I decided to go home and try everything.  The first thing that I was impressed by was the fact that every product in their line had TEN things it did!  Everything was listed out on the back, so when someone got the product home and couldn't remember what it did... the list of 10 things covered it all.  
    So user friendly - I use and recommend this line to all my clients.  The last thing I want you to do is buy a product and have it sit in a drawer for the next two years until you finally decide to throw it out.  
    If I had to choose ONE product from the line it would be the SHINE SPRAY.  I love, love, love the shine spray.  It actually makes your hair shine!  This is the last product I put on - even over hair spray.  It does not  weigh my hair down and gives it perfect shine.  Not only does it act as a great finishing product, it also is a great thermal protection product: aka you can use it as a supportive product when flat ironing your hair to also get maximum shine. 
    It's a 10 - Shine Spray

    Here are the 10 things it does:
    • Weightless Shine
    • Softens Coarse Hair
    • Improves Elasticity
    • Potent Antioxidant 
    • Environmental Protection
    • Anti-Humidity, Anti-Frizz
    • Thermal Protection
    • Imparts Control and Manageability
    • Seals and Protects Hair Color
    • Locks in Moisture
As for price - wow this varies on where you buy it!  You can get it anywhere between 18-25 bucks for the 4 oz spray - so it pays to look around.  

Remember, I will always give you rock bottom prices as well. 

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