Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Hair: Try something new

Many of you who follow me on fb and twitter know that I've been looking at twists, braids and pin curls A LOT lately.  I have been fascinated at how many styles can be combined into becoming a really creative style that actually works on most people.  For myself I am having much fun making new designs in my hair, throwing a few bobbie pins in here and there and calling it good.  Christmas Eve, I wore two pin curls on one side and one on the other then wrapped my hair in back.  It was a style I had not done before, so I felt like I was kind of taking a risk.  Well, I think it paid off,  I got several compliments and it was fun to try something new.

Pinterest has been a good way for me to find inspiration in so many forms!

Here is a picture of Gwen Steffani (I LOVE her), this picture initially inspired me to jump out of the box.  These braids are super easy because they are not french braids, they are just looped around her head.
Gwen looks hot in whatever she has going on (skip early 90s), but I am sure any of you can rock a little bit of what she's got going on!  

Hope this is inspiration to try something new!

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