Sunday, November 6, 2011

Hairdresser Mom

Oh no Justin Beiber.  Oh no Zack Effron.  Move on over, 'cause my "almost" tween might be setting a new hair trend.

D has been growing his hair out now for months.  It has been driving me crazy.  Tonight we sat down to  Google and searched for pictures of men's cuts to get an idea of the look he is going for.  I really wanted to crawl inside his mind and see the vision he has for himself.

Here is what he identified with:

As with any client, I had to ask questions about what he liked about this picture and why it defined his look.  He thought that it was "a nice picture of someone with longer hair in the back and shorter in the front" - which is exactly what he wants.  

Our evening did end up with a small trim in the back and I was able to comb through his hair.  Tonight, this mama hairdresser considers that a success. 

We'll see how the overall plan goes...

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