Thursday, October 27, 2011

Mascara: not for the faint of heart

I'm gonna start with the scare tactics and move on...

Throw it out every 3 months.  

Here is what happened - this girl didn't throw out her mascara after three months.  She thought "oh! there is still some left... I'll just keep using it - I don't want to waste money!" and she ended up with an eye infection.

Mites got into her mascara the first day she opened the tube - even if she opened it and never used it... just to see what the wand looked like - it still collected bugs and then packed them right up into that little tube that encloses her mascara.

If not, your eyes could look like this: 

Here is what the mites look like:

  • Your mascara starts to expire the minute you open the tube. 
  • Your eyelash primer starts to expire the minute you open the tube. 
  • Throw out your mascara every three months - NOT when the mascara runs out.
  • Put a sticker on your mascara when you open it that will remind you to change out your mascara
  • Don't share mascara
  • Never try mascara on at a makeup counter: 
I wouldn't and I work at counters pretty often

1.  Counters don't check the "expiration" on their mascaras and they are not thrown out in a regular cycle, so mascaras tend to sit around for a while... especially primers and brown mascaras that are not used as often. 
2.  ALL mascaras at counters are tried on with brushes, however when you buy a mascara you often times buy it for the brush, right?  Well, you are using a generic mascara wand at the counter, so why take the chance?  
3.  Read reviews on mascaras before you buy - that's the best test of a new one. 

Here are some ways to maximize your dollar and save yourself! 

1.  Buy makeup kits or get samples from your favorite counter: ALL counters have tubes of mascara that they routinely give out when you buy something.  ALL makeup kits/sets come with a mascara.  I stockpile these like crazy and I always have a spare ready to go. 

2.  Nordstrom has buy 2 mascaras get 1 free for all lines a couple of times a year.  That's enough to stock you in your favorite mascara for quite some time.  Sometimes you can pre-order for this, so call your local store and ask when the event is happening. 

3. I don't happen to like MAC's mascara, but I love the primer.  MAC offers a "back to MAC" option - for every 6 empty items (yes brush cleaner bottles count), you get a free shadow, lipstick or gloss when you turn them in.  More incentive to change out your primers and mascaras and maximize your dollar using your Back to MAC.

4. Wiggle... don't pump your brush - it will prevent your mascara from drying out.

Questions?  Just ask. 

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