Saturday, October 29, 2011

This week's favorite product for hair: kms makeover spray

About a month or two ago, I was given a KMS California stying product with some coupons from my local beauty supply.  I am still finding my way in the hair world in terms of my favorite products from different lines.  This was timely.  The sample was the blow dry spray - I decided to try it out in one of my appointments to speed up my dry time and found it really worked.

I went back and decided to buy a full size.  They had a stylist kit available with some products that would be of interest to me and the price was right, so I thought - what the heck - let's see how this goes.  Well, one of the products what rather gimmicky.  It was a crackling "mouse" that I had hoped would give great volume for my clients.  The volume worked, but it has scared a few clients so I've decided not to continue to use it - the crackle was too loud.

The product I have fallen in love with is the KMS hair play - Makeover Spray.  I cannot live without this product.

My personal hair needs:

  • I can only shampoo about once a week to maintain my vibrant color
  • I don't like to shampoo in general
  • I needed something that would get me by a WHOLE WEEK - allowing me to wear it up, wear it down, curl, flat iron, twist, braid, back comb and do it all over again.  This allows me to do all of that. 
The true test: 

Today, just for kicks, I was an artist at the MEGA event at Nordstrom in Bellevue - I wore my hair kind of "snookie-ish" - huge!  I did this in part because I am running late in my weekly hair shampoo so this was a good  "recycled' hair style for me.  I'll write more later about what I call "recycled hair. 

I had 3 people walk up to me and ask me the name of my stylist and ask who did my color.  IT HAS BEEN A WEEK SINCE I HAVE LAST USED SHAMPOO OR CONDITIONER ON MY HAIR.  I gladly handed out my cards and introduced myself as my own colorist (don't try this at home: I am a licensed Cosmetologist).  

I was amazed.  I used to be the girl who had to shampoo my hair everyday because it felt too limp and greasy (pre-beauty school).  Not any more!  

All that to say:  go buy the KMS California Hair Play - Makeover Spray.  If you can't find a place to buy it - get in touch with me and I'll hook you up.

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