Monday, February 6, 2012

Organize your Lipsticks


Today was a huge clean and organize for my makeup, brushes and skin care.  I finally completed one project I have been thinking about for a while... organizing my lipsticks! 

Lipsticks are tough!  You can't see the color!  

As you can see, I have several - these are just the ones I have in my daily lipsticks, not including my "back stock" (makeup I am not currently wearing - kind of like a summer vs. winter wardrobe), my kit that I bring to do your makeup and whatever has found it into my purse!  

Here is what I did for myself today: 

I labeled all of the lipsticks with dots of nail polish.  I decided to use tones and intensities help organize, since I don't have a TON of polishes and it would be ridiculous to have polishes to match every lipstick!  

My color code:
  • White (nail primer): neutral
  • Pink: Any True Pink in my wardrobe
  • Grape: any berry, plum 
  • Graphite: Red - I don't have any red nail polish!  
  • Graphite/White: neutral red 

I will probably refine it as I get more polishes, but for now... it works!  

I put a dot on the top and a dot on the side so it will eliminate one more step of combing through all of them ! 

Tell me how you organize your lipsticks!  

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