Friday, February 3, 2012

January's BirchBox

I have to say... this was the BEST Birchbox I have received to date!  I waited until I tried everything before posting my review, as I want to give you accurate information that was tested, instead of just telling you what was in my box.

Contents of my January Birchbox

Full Size  Stil Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner - I LOVED!  It stays all day, does not move (bonus points for me) and pretty color (dark purple, just a hint of color), goes on super easy.

BORGHESE CuraForte Moisture Intensifier - This is a serum that you wear once a day under your moisturizer.  I saw a difference within days of testing this out and there is enough to last me at least 3 weeks!

 Jouer Body Butter - Ok, so I am not a body butter person, but LOVED this cute little jar and it smelled like gardenias, so I wore it like a perfume.  Really enjoyed this!

LÄRABAR Mini Bars - This was a "lifestyle" bonus in peanut butter.  It was alright, I am glad I got to taste it because it is not something I would typically try - I am not a "bar" person, so it was kinda fun.
This is the inside of the box, after opening

After using everything in this haul, I can firmly recommend Birchbox to you as this box more than paid for it's self and it was full of things I loved!  The Stila liner alone was $20 (plus tax and shipping), so at $10 for the entire box - what a deal!
This is the box you open, after a bright pink and white box that arrives with your name on it! 

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