Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A cut every 6-8 weeks? I think so!

Your hair grows 1/4 inches a month - on average.  It also grows at different rates all over your head and you typically will develop split ends (yes it happens to everyone).

I have talked to woman after woman who has hair on the longer side that don't get their hair cut very often.  One of the guest's hair I cut this weekend had really, supper long hair.  It took me about 30 minutes to untangle and brush through her hair.  I ended up taking about 4 inches off - she hadn't had a cut in over 4 months and was completely overwhelmed by her own hair, which she liked to wear down and couldn't manage very well.  Well, we also ended up cutting some long bangs on her - she was super excited about that because it made her feel like she had an instant change that she could see, beyond the super long hair that she chose to keep.  Since it was such a change for her, I scheduled a time to see her next week to check on her new bangs to make sure they are still working and to see if she wanted to go shorter.

She went home with some detangling spray (I'm so glad) and an appointment set for 8 weeks from now to revisit the idea of making even more of a change.  This is setting my guest up for a routine of maintenance, feeling like she has a plan for her hair and ultimately success when she looks in the mirror.

Julianne Moore probably gets her hair cut often, but still maintains her length.

My cut used to be VERY inverted and precise.  If I let my cut grow out beyond 6-8 weeks, you can really see it!

Front View of Posh's famous inverted bob.

Observing Posh's famous inverted bob, to maintain the percision, you can assume that her hair is cut very frequently. 

This would also be true for many men - they get their hair cut every 4-6 weeks, you can really see it if they don't!  It's great - this is one of the things that most men really get when it comes to their appearance and general maintenance.

The women I see coming in have generally waited soooo long to get it cut, colored or highlighted that it feels like a heavy burden after they have waited so long, rather than a complete pampering joy they could experience more often.  There are few things better than a precise cut and a great blow out! 

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