Sunday, October 23, 2011

Clean'n those brushes of yours

When I work counter, I always talk about brush cleaning with ladies.  Almost always, it seems to be a "dirty little secret" that people have who either:
1. Admit they never clean their brushes 
2. Don't know what I am talking about  
3. Lie 
4. Clean religiously
5.  Think I am trying to push another beauty product they don't think they need.

If you use and buy makeup brushes, you bear a responsibility - that is to protect your face and preserve your brushes.  And yes - there is a difference between "nicer" brushes vs. those you buy at the supermarket.   

You need to clean the brushes so you wash out all of the oils that have been collected as well as the color that has been collected from cross mixing colors between shadows, brushes, bronzers, etc. depending on how many brushes you use and what you use them for.  

You need to clean your brushes so that you can protect your face against bugs and germs that can spread, cause eye infections (shadow brushes) or foundation brushes - just to name two brushes that most ladies have in their arsenal of their personal beauty box.

Here is my recommendation:  
  • Clean your liquid foundation brush and/or concealer after every use
  • Wash your entire brush set (yes, even the ones you did not use) once a week.  The reason I recommend the entire set of brushes is that the ones you have been using all week have been sitting with the clean ones and while your at it... clean them all!  
  • Clean them after you've done your morning routine so they are nice and fresh for the next application. 
  • Make sure you lay them out on a clean towel or paper towel so they can dry properly. 
  • If you soak your brushes for any length of time, make sure they are soaking below the base - where the actual brush is attached to the handle.  The glue will break down and destroy your brush if this is done repeatedly.  
  • Clean your brushes when they come home from the store:  they have been sitting in container ships from China inviting bugs to come live in them before they got to you.  Yucky, but true and now you know how to handle it! 
Note to those who have special skin problems - acne and/or oily skin:

Every time you use your brushes you are spreading bacteria (acne) or excessive oil (oily skin) all over your face.  I recommend that if you fall into one of these areas, that you wash your brushes on a daily basis.  When you have acne and use the same brushes over and over with out washing them, you are continuing the cycle of acne.  For those of you who have continual break out, try changing just one thing:wash your brushes and see if that helps manage your break out over a period of time.  Note: I am not making the case that this should be the basis for the entirety of your skin care routine, but a tool that can be used to help troubled skin.  

Please ask questions.  

Look for my upcoming blog on more detailed brush information. 

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