Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Armani Foundation Set - Super Excited about this one!

Armani is one of the brands that you won't find in a typical department store, in fact it is only carried at Nordstrom Bellevue and Nordstrom Downtown (for the puget sound - somebody correct me if I am wrong on this).  I other words - it is not average or common by any means.  The counters don't have a lot of product, so the line is just not very comprehensive but they are also *beautiful* as well!

This came across my twitter today and it reminded me about how much I loved this when I tried it!  The foundation gave that *perfect* most *perfect* flawless coverage that looked unbelievable.  It was a little out of my price range at $59 a bottle.

Once again, sets are ALWAYS the way to go!

If you feel like splurging, this would be a great one to splurge on: 

Giorgio Armani 'Luminous Silk' Foundation Set ($190 Value)


Award-winning makeup for the perfect skin canvas.

Set includes:
- Full-sized Fluid Master Primer.
- Full-sized Luminous Silk Foundation in your perfect shade choice: 4.5 (natural sand), 5 (light beige), 5.5 (beige), 5.75 (warm beige) or 7 (tan).
- Full-sized blender brush.
- Deluxe-sized sample of Fluid Sheer.
- Deluxe-sized sample of Regenessence [3.R] Multi Corrective Rejuvenating Cream.
  • By Giorgio Armani.

***Remember the full price of the foundation is $59 alone! 

Shipping is always free at Nordstrom.com - you can also find this (regionally) at Nordstrom DT and Bellevue. 

You can go to the Nordstrom.com site and/or call the Norstrom Beauty line to order! 

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